About Us

TerrainDrop is brought to you by drone industry veterans that realized people need new ways to manage their data. There are a lot of options out there for mapping and modeling but all of them reduce the detail from the original imagery, are massively expensive, and take a lot of time to process. Nothing out there was designed for long term image storage with drone data in mind. 

Data management is a sticking point for almost every drone user out there. Where is that photo of customer X's roof? When did I visit customer Y? When did this broken equipment occur? These are all things that are hard to answer without some sort of data management system. 

What is the best data management system? The best one is the one you will use because it is easy and adds value. TerrainDrop doesn't require complicated log files or data matching. All TerrainDrop needs is an image and the takeoff location. All of the rest is handled automatically. 

TerrainDrop is designed to make finding images of specific objects easy - no matter how much data you have. 

Download Product Sheet.

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