Digital Asset Management is super important. It is easy to create a few terabytes of images. What happens when you actually need to find something in that haystack?

TerrainDrop can help:

  • Find and compare any of your data quickly.
  • Asset-based reporting - get just the images of what you want to look at. Quickly.
  • Lots of search options including ownership, name, tags, location, collection date, upload date, annotations, dataset membership, view angle, aircraft heading, aircraft altitude, gimbal angle, project, group and more.
  • Team members all need access to each other's data but data rights management needs to be easy.
  • Sometimes you don't need a full-on map. 

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Terrain Drop terraindrop annotation report
Easy Sorting

Instantly find images that contain any defined asset with a couple of clicks.

Subsets of images data can be reviewed immediately on a point, asset or tag basis. 

Terrain Drop terraindrop lightweight mapping
Virtual Map

Quickly display all of the images at once with no additional processing or delay. 

Navigate the images with keyboard arrows or swipe gestures. 

Terrain Drop terraindrop visit comparison
Compare Side by Side

Easily compare any image with all previous views to detect changes and apply markup. The most overlapping image from the Dataset being compared is automatically displayed.

Show the surrounding area or load ahead in time. Optimized for single pass linear inspections and expedited reporting.

Terrain Drop terraindrop markup reports
Configurable Markup

Easily define markup size, shape and color for up to 8 feature types on a project by project basis. 

Markup is then easily dropped by right clicking on the map to bring up the labeled context menu. 

All markup can be exported as a KML file for external compatibility. 

Terrain Drop terraindrop custom realignment
Manually Fix Misplaced Images

The system does its best to put the image right where it should be but that capability is limited by the accuracy of the tags the camera provides. To make up for this and keep any important images from being unable to be used we have provided a manual adjustment tool. 

Simply click on the image and adjust the corners as needed to get things to line up perfectly. When you click the button to lock it down and click out of the image the Dataset footprint and other associated metadata will all be updated automatically. 

Terrain Drop terraindrop import assets images
Import Assets

Physical asset inventory defined by KML, CSV, GPX, GeoJSON and WKT files are all able to be imported for reporting within the system. 

You can import the whole thing and pull reports on single features or just add single elements out of large files. 

Assets can also be drawn manually for quick results. 

Terrain Drop terraindrop comparison engine
Simultaneous Markup

Adding annotation directly to the image will give the option of adding the same markup to the map. Any misalignment can be manually adjusted as needed.