Even before you upload your own data to make a dataset you can access public datasets in the system by browsing the Dataset Explorer.

From the Dataset Explorer you can zoom in on any of the round TerrainDrop markes to see and irregularly shaped polygon outlined in blue. This is the area that is covered by this dataset and is referred to as its footprint. Some areas might have hundreds of images of it while others may only have one image looking at it.

The map area shows TerrainDrop markers that denote Dataset locations. The bottom area shows a panel that shows shortcuts to all of the currently shown Datasets. The top right area shows filters that are available to quickly narrow down your search by data ownership, name, tags, location, dates and data quantities. The default view is to show all datasets you have access to. This includes public data, data you have access to through groups and data that is yours. 

TerrainDrop Dataset Explorer


The upper right area can be used to search for a dataset quickly if you know its name or tags. GPS coordinates are also able to be entered directly.

TerrainDrop Dataset Explorer filtering by name coordinates owner and tags

Datasets can also be filtered by the date of data collection or by the date it was uploaded.

TerrainDropDataset Explorer filtering by collection date and upload date

Datasets can also be filtered by how much dada is in the dataset or how many images it contains.

TerrainDrop Dataset Explorer filtering by total data and number of images

Panning and zooming on the map is the main way most users will narrow down their dataset filtering crieteria. 

This image shows a sample dataset in the Dataset Explorer. Any dataset that can be seen in the Dataset Explorer is accessible for viewing. Some are public while others are private or restricted to a group/project. You can see a thumbnail from the dataset and that it has 729 images in it.

TerrainDrop Dataset Footprint

You can access this dataset detail by either clicking on the icon at the bottom or by clicking on the icon that shows when clicking on the dataset's footprint. 

TerrainDrop dataset selected from Dataset Explorer

The dataset detail shows a faint purple outline for the dataset's coverage footprint and the images at the bottom. You can easily sort through the images by either clicking directly on the purple footprint or by clicking directly on images in the bottom sections. You can also use the keyboard left and right arrows (desktop) or swipe left and right on the images area (mobile). 

TerrainDrop Dataset Detail blank