TerrainDrop tries its best to put the images right where they should be. This process relies on the tags in the images being very accurate. There are times when these tags can be slightly off from what they should be due to aircraft speed or gimbal angles. With these tags not being perfect the image may get placed slightly off from where it should actually be. The good news is that TerrainDrop makes it easy to adjust it back to where it should be if needed.

The image realignment process is easy to use but isn't something you want to do a lot of. Eventually you learn what types of flight works and what doesn't for getting the images to be as close as possible with minimal adjustment. Some things that affect the tag accuracy include turning while imaging and pointing the gimbal straight down. These vary from aircraft to aircraft. 



When an image that needs to be realigned is found click on the image preview in the bottom right of the map to access the image's detail page (which includes the realignment tool).

TerrainDrop dataset footprint for image realignment  TerrainDrop image alignment single image selected


Clicking that image preview in the bottom right of the map will open that image's detail page which will show you a higher resolution version of the misaligned image. The bottom of the screen shows all of the images that overlap with this particular image (112 in this example).

TerrainDrop Image Detail


To open the realignment tools click on the image on the map. This will bring up the toolset. The tools in order from left to right are: transparency control, corner mode, rotation/scale mode and lock control. The tool is intially locked. When it is locked there are black Xs on the corners and no adjustements can be made. 

TerrainDrop realign image toolbox


To actually do the realignment you need to click the lock button to unlock the rest of the tools. Then select the transparency control to make it so you can see what you are aligning to and click the rotation/scale button to activate the ability to adjust the image.

TerrainDrop rotation scale tool transparency control


Do the required adjustments by stretching, rotation, and dragging the image around as needed. 

TerrainDrop rotate drag stretch image alignment


When you are happy with the placement click the lock button.

TerrainDrop alignment lock button final save


Click outside the image and the realignment effort will be saved.

TerrainDrop realign image misaligned misplaced fix