GOOD ADVICE! LOVE yout website!

GOOD ADVICE! LOVE yout website!  

  By: KAPture3Designs on Nov. 26, 2022, 7:04 p.m.

Your websiter is exactly what I'ver needed for so long asgo now having mapped over 1M acres, the ability to know what images and where when you're maspping with 3500 images across 2-3 drones is huge.  Maps Made Easy beta tyester, NV5 VUX-1 LiDAR, and now VFX for films.  However you're missing one very key element ... I ditched DJI TWO years ago (I've been flying for 10, I work as Photogrammetry/VFX at Wild Rabbit now).  The Autel sensor simply kicks the ass of any DJI sensor aside from the P1 obvioujsly.

Now I'll have a EVO II PRO 6K as well as a EVO LITE+ both flying autonomously for 35+ minutes while I fly manually for detail.


CAN YOU PLEASE GET AUTEL on your approved cameras list???  I have 50+ datasets I could upload you TODAY.




Re: GOOD ADVICE! LOVE yout website!  

  By: TerrainDrop on Nov. 27, 2022, 1:11 a.m.

Thanks for the feedback. We would LOVE to support Autel but from the images we have been able to get our hands on they don't have any of the pointing tags that other drone companies provide. 

We need to be able to get the following out of the tags:

  • Camera Make
  • Camera Model
  • Latitude Degrees
  • Longitude Degrees
  • Altitude relative to takeoff location
  • Gimbal Roll/Pitch/Yaw
  • Aircraft Roll/Pitch/Yaw
  • Focal Length

The relative altitude, gimbal R/P/Y, and flight R/P/Y are not avialable in Autel's EXIF or XMP tags. If we are mistaken please email us some samples to