Image Search and Reporting is the core of what TerrainDrop is designed to do. Having an Asset that represents a fixed object defined in the system allows you to access all images that have ever been taken of that object in a couple of clicks. The results can then be refined as needed. This sample adds the additional step of applying a tag to the filtered images of the asset that can then be used for detail reporting.

This sample workflow is based on the Asset manually drawn in this article. Image Searches can be done on an Asset or a single feature that is part of a multi-feature Asset. 

This image is of an Asset in the Asset Explorer. The Asset has 3 features that are all part of the Asset. In this example we are trying to get images of the cul-de-sac (circle). 

TerrainDrop asset reporting data management BIM


Since we want images of the cul-de-sac, not of the shore of the lake or the lawn area we need to get to the Asset Detail page so we can get to the cul-de-sac feature. We don't want to click 'Image Search' but clicking the link in the popup in the map or the icon at the bottom will get us where we need to go.

TerrainDrop asset feature reporting asset tracking


From the Asset Detail page we can access each individual feature. We click on the cul-de-sac feature and click the 'Image Search' button.

Terrain Drop features detail asset report


This brings up every image in the system that the logged in user has access to. It is showing that there are 68 images from 3 datasets. These images can be navigated using the arrows and swiping in the same way they can in Dataset Detail pages.

Terrain Drop image search output results asset reporting


As an example of some of the filter we can do with this Image Search result image set of 68 images we will filter on the aircraft's heading. By going to the 'Angle' tab and adjusting the 'Aircraft Heading' circular sliders we have made filtered the image results to only include south-bound images. The filtered data is down to 38 of the original 68 images.   

Terrain Drop heading filtering asset reporting


Now let's say that we only want the images from the most recent dataset. We deselect the older two datasets and we are left with 10 of the original 68 images after filtering for dataset and aircraft heading.

Terrain Drop asset filtering dataset reports


We can tag this image subset using something meaningful to recall it later without all this work. In the lower right you can type in the appropriate tags. Here we have entered 'southbound_may_culdesac'. When the tag is entered a progress bar shows the progress of this tag being applied to each of the images in the subset. 

This example tag report would be accessed using the URL

(The tag reports only work with data you have access to so this URL will show a blank map for you)

This report is then available in your Dashboard and can be shared with anyone who has access to the same data.

Terrain Drop tagged image asset reporting