Assets are used to define a set of physical features that are in a fixed location. These features might be things that you want to see all of the images of on a regular basis as datasets are added to the system for the surrounding area. Each feature in an Asset can be reported on individually. 

There are two ways to create Assets: manually drawing and importing from KML, GPX, GeoJSON or WKT. This article will cover importing from file.

To create a new Asset with an existing file click on 'Import Assets from File' under the 'Add Data' heading in the top menu.

TerrainDrop import asset from file kml gpx wkt geojson


This brings you to the 'Import New Assets' page that consists of two steps: select the file and modify the contents (if necessary). 

TerrainDrop import choose file for import


Choose a file of one of the valid file types. KML, CSV, GPX, GeoJSON, TopoJSON and WKT files can be selected. Once selected the features will show up in the map on the right.

NOTE: the name of the Asset it based on the filename of the imported file. It can be edited later in the Asset Detail page. 

TerrainDrop spatial image storage cloud storing data asset management


There are a few options on how to import data from a file. You can import all of the features that are currently showing as a single Asset. This means that you in this example you would have 1 Asset with 7 features. You can also import them all as individual Assets. In this example that would mean that you would have 7 Assets with 1 feature each. 

By clicking on any feature you can bring up a popup that allows you to add that particular feature as a individual Asset or remove it from the group that would be added as a single Asset. 

TerrainDrop asset remove delete import individual feature


This is the Asset Detail page for the new Asset that was imported from this file. It shows what would happen if no features were removed using the popup and all of the features were added using the 'Add All as Single Asset' button. Note the Name in the 'Asset Info' tag can be changed and it shows the name of the file the Asset was imported from.

TerrainDrop asset detail asset reporting asset tracking BIM construction


To change the color of the Asset click on the 'Manage' tab and select a new color. You can also edit the Notes, control whether the Asset is Public or not, add Tags and assign it to a Project you have access to from the 'Manage' tab.

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